Many of you know our brands, but perhaps not the company that supplies them to on the market every day.

We are an Italian consumer goods company that was founded in Milan in 1947.

We distribute numerous brands, both under license and owned by us. We also hold prestigious leadership positions in numerous categories in the personal care, home and car sectors.

Three important worlds in the daily life of each one of us. We are present in mass markets (GDO, drugstores), DIY shops, auto accessory shops and service stations.

“What is our mission?
To improve the quality of people’s lives with innovative and sustainable products“.


In Europe, we are also present in Portugal and Spain with our subsidiary Tavola Iberica Lda.

We have distribution agreements in other European markets and in an ever-increasing number of countries throughout the world.

The satisfaction of our customers is our lifeblood and our continuing ambition.


Can cleaning be both effective and sustainable?
With LAST, you can count on a range of products that is attentive and responsible towards the environment.